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Often just referred to as the LVRT, the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail stretches an impressive 93 miles, making it one of the longest trails of its type in all of New England. The LVRT bridges no less than 18 towns together throughout northern Vermont, and if you love to hike, this is one trail that you will no doubt appreciate. If you’re heading to northern VT to explore the outdoors and need a good trail, we’ve got all the details on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail below.


The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail VT – A Closer Look

The LVRT weaves its way through the Green Mountain Range of Vermont and stretches from Lake Champlain to the Connecticut River. This trail was built to establish a dedicated route for the Lamoille Valley Railroad, which was an important source of transportation for over a century but closed in 1994. Today, a number of VT-based organizations work together to maintain the LVRT and keep it open and accessible to the public. During the summer, the trail is open for everything from cycling and hiking to horseback riding. In the winter, the trail is often used for dogsledding, snowmobiling, and snowshoe hikes.

The Terrain

One reason the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is such a treasure is its terrain. Because this trail was once used by trains, the full path is either pavement or gravel. Graveled areas are covered with smooth, crushed, and compacted stone to keep the terrain pretty smooth. The grades are not too steep either, which means most parts of the trail are wheelchair accessible.

The Difficulty Level

Due to the easy terrain, the LVRT is considered an easy trail in its entirety. There are some points where you can veer off into more challenging terrain to step into some of the more remote areas. However, if you stack on the path, the trek is easy enough for even the least experienced hikers.

What You’ll See Along the Way

The LVRT will take you through a long list of places. You will be immersed in the surrounding natural VT landscape, which may mean you will see the occasional appearance of area wildlife and quite a few natural waterways. However, there are several points of interest along the way, such as the covered Fisher Bridge and Bridge 68 over the Lamoille River. Since the rail trail weaves through so many small towns, you will also find many stopping points along the way to grab lunch, shop, or simply have a look around.

The Best Routes on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail


Most people won’t set out to cover the full LVRT because of its incredible length. Therefore, there are naturally certain paths that get more traffic than others. It is always best to check out the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail map and pick the area that you want to explore. The LVRT is open all seasons. However, some trail sections are hard to navigate in the winter, but there are many areas that are kept navigable by area snowmobilers.

Some people opt to stay in the area for several days to explore multiple routes during their trip. Check out a few of the best routes below.

Morristown to Cambridge

The Morristown to Cambridge route takes you 17 miles following the Lamoille River. You’ll travel from Morrisville all the way to Cambridge and Jeffersonville along the way. This path is a favorite for those looking to explore a handful of the noteworthy historic towns in the area, but you will also see a lot of forest and farmland along the way.

Swanton to Jeffersonville

Swanton to Jeffersonville takes you from west to east, and the full trail is about 30 miles. Therefore, it is great for those traveling by bike or even on horseback. From farmland to mountain views, this section of the LVRT is riddled with impressive natural views. And there are fewer stopping points to rest and refuel.

St. Johnsbury to West Danville

This section of the trail is roughly 15 miles in length and offers a balance of natural landscape and small businesses to explore. The starting point for St. Johnsbury to West Danville is the Three Rivers Bike Path.

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