Cannabis Education

Cannabis Pro & Budtender Training

Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association (VTCNA), in collaboration with Clean Green, is proud to partner with Cambridge Cannabis Company (CCC), offering the most comprehensive education and training available for Vermont cannabis employees.

CCC employees have a vibrant and strong background in cannabis science, cultivation, history, and medicine while also understanding cannabis quality assessment protocols and retail sales techniques and consumer support.

CCC employees participate in VTCNA continuing education webinars that will serve to deepen their knowledge base and keep them abreast of the latest developments in cannabis science and medicine.

Raising The Bar

Taught by industry veteran Jessilyn Dolan, a cannabis nurse, educator, researcher, and first ever cannabis nurse sommelier, and her son, Riely “Farmer Rose” Amerosa, second generation hemp and cannabis farmer specializing in regenerative and natural farming, the education CCC employees have is second to none.

Clean Green, is an international cannabis certification company with a nearly 20-year track record in helping growers and processors bring the cleanest, highest quality cannabis and cannabis products to market. Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association was founded in 2017 and serves as a leader in Vermont for education, advocacy and community support.

VTCNA is proud to work closely with CCC and help elevate the industry together.

Email Jessilyn at for more info and be a part of raising the bar on cannabis education in Vermont!

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