Planning a Cannabis Wedding in Vermont

By Cambridge Cannabis Company

February 12, 2024

Planning a Cannabis Wedding in Vermont

Now that the Green Mountain State has fully embraced cannabis, new ways to appreciate the good green are opening up all over. Even lovers who decide to make their dreams of a weed wedding come true can go for it! Cannabis weddings have grown to be such a popular thing that there are now cannabis wedding expo events held annually in places like San Francisco and Las Vegas.

What does a weed wedding look like? Are there cannabis-friendly wedding venues in Vermont? Check out all you will want to know if you would like to make cannabis a part of your big day below.

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What Exactly Is a Weed Wedding?

A cannabis themed wedding is a celebration where the beloved plant plays a central role in the event. Cannabis is often integrated into various aspects of the ceremony and reception, both aesthetically and tangibly. For example, couples who opt for a weed wedding may incorporate cannabis into their vows, have cannabis in their decor, or even offer cannabis-infused treats to their guests.

The weed wedding event embraces the culture and legalization of cannabis, which creates a unique and unconventional twist to traditional weddings. From cannabis-infused cocktails to bud bars and smoking lounges, weed weddings offer a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere for couples and guests who share a love for both each other and cannabis.

Cannabis Friendly Wedding Venues in Vermont

Thankfully, wedding venues in VT are growing increasingly easier to find. While not all venues are welcoming to those planning a weed wedding, there are some on the list that are perfectly open to this kind of celebration. Check out a few good picks below.

ZenBarn Weddings in Waterbury Center, VT

ZenBarn hosts full wedding events at their location in Waterbury Center, and they can help you with everything from decor and live music to the reception dinner. The venue is an authentic VT barn with a rustic feel a loads of outdoor space for the ceremony.

CynEvan Farm in Addison County, VT

CynEvan Farm is an industrial hemp farm, which means you can immerse your wedding party right in the middle of a place that can make for fantastic photo ops during the growing season. The venue has enough space for 75 guests, and you can choose different spots on the farms for the various elements of your day.

Fun Cannabis Wedding Ideas

Looking for a few weed wedding ideas? Check out some of the ways you can make your day of nuptials centered around your favorite flowering plant.

Wedding Weed Bar

A wedding weed bar is a bit like a drink bar except with cannabis. These setups give your wedding guests access to budtenders who create cannabis-infused cocktails or potentially hand out small doses of edibles or otherwise.

Cannabis Wedding Cake

While it’s feasible to infuse the wedding cake with cannabis, opting for a themed decoration is often preferred. This approach can yield stunning results, with couples opting for elegant designs featuring cannabis buds and leaves. Some choose a minimalist cake design accentuated with tasteful cannabis-themed embellishments, creating a visually striking yet sophisticated centerpiece for their celebration.

A Makeshift Cannabis Lounge

Setting up a makeshift cannabis lounge at the wedding is an awesome touch to any weed wedding. You can create a small lounging area with a sofa, some chairs, and other creature comforts where guests can consume cannabis and relax. These work particularly well at outdoor venues.

Weed-Themed Wedding Decor

Maybe the bride will carry a bouquet of roses highlighted with the telltale leaves of the cannabis plant. Perhaps you could do table centerpieces at the reception with lots of green or weave in shades of green with other decorative elements. Even your wedding invitations could have a cannabis leaf on the front. Some couples even go all out and use a lot of materials made from hemp fiber instead of traditional fabrics for items like tablecloths, linens, and even wedding attire.

Cannabis Wedding Bouquet

Get Prepared for the Big Day with a Trip to Cambridge Cannabis Company

Are you planning a weed wedding in VT? If so, we’ll be more than happy to help you make sure your event is fully stocked at Cambridge Cannabis Company. From the best cannabis flower in the state to THC-infused beverages, our menu is brimming with the finest choices. Take a look at our menu where you can check prices and plan for your dream weed wedding.

Shop the Top Cannabis in Cambridge, VT

By Cambridge Cannabis Company

February 12, 2024

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