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Planning a Cannabis Wedding in Vermont
  • Education

Planning a Cannabis Wedding in Vermont

Now that the Green Mountain State has fully embraced cannabis, new ways to appreciate the good green are opening up all over. Even lovers who decide to make their dreams...

Vermont’s Closest Dispensary to the Canadian Border
  • Education

Vermont’s Closest Dispensary to the Canadian Border

Vermont Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Canada Cambridge Cannabis Company operates a recreational cannabis dispensary in Cambridge, VT, about 45 minutes (37 miles or 60 kilometers) from the Canada border via...

Terpenes for Sex Drive and the Best Products for Valentine's Day in VT
  • Education

Terpenes for Sex Drive & the Best Products for Valentine’s Day in VT

Tracking down the best cannabis gifts for Valentine’s Day? No doubt, if your Valentine loves cannabis, you have so many amazing choices to make their heart skip a beat in...

Snowmobiling in Vermont
  • Education

Where to Find the Best Snowmobiling in Vermont

As winter blankets Vermont in a pristine layer of snow, the landscape transforms into a haven for snowmobiling enthusiasts seeking the thrill of roaring engines and awesome trails. If you’re...

Backcountry Skiing in Vermont
  • Education

Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding in Vermont

Looking to try backcountry skiing and snowboarding in Vermont? Vermont is often referred to as the winter playground of the Northeast. While many travelers make their way here for regular...

  • Education

Check Out the Best Smoke Spots in Vermont

Are you looking for the best smoke spots in Vermont? While VT is legal for recreational cannabis, public consumption is still technically not legal. However, there are some awesome spots...

  • Education

Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide – Advent Calendar for Stoners in VT

Looking for a good Vermont dispensary gift guide? We’ve got you covered at Cambridge Cannabis Company when it comes to picking the best gifts for stoners. This year, we’re even...

Cannabis Infused Meal
  • Education

Cannabis Infused Meals for Holiday Festivities and Tips

The holidays are always a way to bring everyone together to celebrate and connect with good company, and good food is usually involved. If you’re planning a Christmas dinner or...

Cannabis Edibles
  • Education

Which Edible Is Right for Me?

When you prefer not to smoke or vape to enjoy the effects of cannabis, edibles are perhaps one of the most obvious choices. Thankfully, you can find some of the...

Smugglers Notch Resort
  • Events

Smugglers Notch Opening Day Is November 24th

Ready to head to the slopes for some fun in the snow at Smugglers Notch Vermont? Good news—Smuggler’s Notch opening day is right around the corner on November 24th or...

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