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Terpenes 101 – Myrcene

While cannabinoids get a lot of props for the effects of cannabis, and rightly so, terpenes deserve some love just the same. Without them, your favorite strain wouldn’t taste like...

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Things to Do in Vermont in the Fall

Every year, thousands of leaf-peeping travelers pack up their bags and make their way to see fall colors in Vermont. And no one can blame them—fall in Vermont is nothing...

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Terpenes 101 – Caryophyllene

You can find it in everything from black pepper and basil to oregano and cloves. It’s profoundly spicy and delivers a flavorful and pungent bite. Many people consume some level...

gravel bike lane in wooded area (lamoille valley rail trail) on old railroad right of way in vermont, usa (hiking, biking, cycling, recreational path)
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Lamoille Valley Rail Trail – Routes and Info

Often just referred to as the LVRT, the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail stretches an impressive 93 miles, making it one of the longest trails of its type in all of...

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Terpenes 101 – Guide to Terpenes and Cannabinoids

When it comes to shopping for cannabis at a Cambridge dispensary, most people are considering the THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) content of flower. While cannabinoid content is no...

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Cambridge Cannabis Co. Receives Seven Days’ Daysies Recognition

Seven Days just happens to be one of the most trusted independent publications in the entire state of Vermont. Known for delivering The Daily 7 (top VT news stories), excellent...

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The Best Hikes in Stowe/Smuggler’s Notch

Planning to get in some outdoor time in the Stowe or Smuggler’s Notch area of Vermont? No question about it, you can take advantage of some of the best hikes...

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Best THC Drinks in Vermont

When it comes to the best edibles in Vermont, you really do have a lot of good choices. However, when it comes to  cannabis-infused drinks Vermont easily provides some superior...

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The Best Dispensaries in Vermont (2023)

Vermont has only recently joined the collection of states allowing recreational cannabis sales. However, you should have no trouble finding the best Vermont dispensary no matter where you are in...

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Cambridge Cannabis Co. has the Largest Cannabis Selection in VT

Looking for the most extensive collection of Vermont cannabis? Be sure to make the drive to visit us at Cambridge Cannabis Company dispensary in Cambridge, VT. We have over 100...

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