The Top 7 Best Edibles in Vermont (2023)

Looking for the best THC edibles? Without a doubt, consuming a dose of cannabinoids in edible form has grown to be almost as popular as smoking flower. And, despite the relative newness of the Vermont cannabis market, you should have no trouble finding everything from drinks to gummies when it comes to cannabis edibles. To help you find the best picks when you check out the dispensary menu, we’ve pulled together some of the top choices in the state.

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The Best THC Edibles in Vermont

1. Stone Leaf Hash Rosin Gummies

Gummies are hands-down a top pick among those who prefer cannabis edibles, and there is no finer specimen than Hash Rosin Gummies from Stone Leaf. Because these gummies are made with hash rosin, you get the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids from the actual plant, including 5mg of THC per gummy. Many people claim this offers a better-balanced experience. Further, you really can’t go wrong with flavors like Blood Orange, Royal Raspberry, and Peach Mango.

2. Mend THC Capsules

THC capsules are often not pegged as THC edibles, but they are essentially consumed and metabolized by the body in the same way. Further, THC capsules offer a discreet, no-fuss way to microdose THC if you’re looking for therapeutic support. One of the best options in Vermont to date is Mend Dose Capsules. Each package offers 10 capsules that deliver 5mg of THC per capsule. Therefore, you can scale your dose in a perfectly controlled way.

3. Freedom Flower THC Seltzers

Weed drinks may be a new thing, but they are quickly becoming a favorite way to enjoy a buildable buzz. And, THC Seltzers from Freedom Flower is a good way to try the experience. These tasty seltzers come in yummy flavors like Lemon and Mango, and each bottle delivers around 5mg of THC. Best of all, Freedom Flower uses only natural flavoring in each seltzer, so you always get a clean, refreshing taste.

4. Haute & Heady Chocolate Bars

If you’re looking for a delectable way to get a dose of THC, Haute & Heady chocolate bars are the way to go. These chocolate bars serve up 50mg of THC per bar, and the scoring in each one makes it easy to break down your bite into a smaller dose. Plus, in flavors like White Chocolate Bliss and Milk Chocolate Bliss, it’s easy to find a chocolate THC edible that suits your taste buds.

5. Fog Valley Farm Take and Bake Cookies

Fog Valley Farm Take and Bake Cookies are a true crowd-pleaser in Vermont cannabis edibles, and it’s easy to see why. You get a tub of frozen cookie dough that you can take home, pop in the oven, and enjoy fresh. Plus, each batch of dough is infused with a certain Vermont-grown cannabis strain for an adult-level layer of THC goodness. You can even pick your favorite cookies to talk home, including Chocolate Chip, Summertime Jam Cookies, and Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies.

6. Rosie’s THC Peanut Butter Cups

All about peanut butter and chocolate goodness? You’ll adore Rosie’s THC-Infused Peanut Butter Cups. Choose from White Chocolate PB Cups, Dark Chocolate PB Cups, or Milk Chocolate PB Cups, and, look for the option that gives you a preferred dose of cannabinoids. Rosie’s even offers PB cups made with CBD if you’re looking for less of an intoxicating experience.

7. Maple THC Edibles from Vermont Herbal Essentials

It really doesn’t get more local than infusing maple flavors with Vermont THC edibles, and that’s precisely what Vermont Herbal Essentials has accomplished. The brand offers Maple Leaf Candies made with locally harvested maple syrup and cannabis flower rosin. They also offer delicious, scoopable Maple Sugar, which is also made with cannabis flower rosin.

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Find the Top Cannabis Edibles in Vermont at Cambridge Cannabis Company

Whether you’re looking for potent cannabis gummies, weed drinks, or something creative and obviously homegrown from Vermont, you can find every type of THC edible at Cambridge Cannabis Company. We take pride in hand-selecting only the best cannabis edibles for our menu. Be sure to take a look at our full collection of THC edibles, check out our staff picks for the week, and feel free to order ahead for convenient pick-up when you arrive.

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