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High Brix Cannabis

High Brix, founded in 2021, is based in Vermont’s Lamoille County, specializing in growing and cultivating cannabis flower for connoisseurs throughout the region. The company’s indoor cultivation facility was uniquely designed to provide the necessary utilities to control and sustain the required farming method used by High Brix. By using the high-brix farming method designed to enhance growing food and other crops, the company can enhance the quality of its cannabis product, including improving taste, aroma and potency of the flower produced.

high brix cannabis

High Brix Cannabis:

Product Line

The High Brix product line includes the following strains:

  • Cosmic Cookies: Divulgence and restraint
  • Red Delicious: Intense, dense buds
  • Jelly Breath: Calming and comforting
  • Strawberry Jelly: Strawberry OG hybrid
  • White Sunrise: White Nightmare X Florida Sunrise
  • Chocolope: Happiness and giggles
  • Black Cherry Punch X Jelly Breath: Potent indica punch

High Brix FAQs

What is different about High Brix products?

In addition to emphasizing it in its name, High Brix’s stated philosophy highlights the importance of focusing on premium growing methods. Its philosophy notes that “from healthy soil, grows exceptional cannabis.” The company’s name underscores this. Brix is a measurement that is used to evaluate soil health and to compare soil to others. A brix reading includes measurements of sugar content for flavor, vitamins, nutrients and minerals within a sampled solution. High Brix states it can measure a plant’s sap with a refractometer and support the soil in ways that promote High Brix Cannabis. By following this scientific approach, High Brix creates consistency and routine, and it ensures that cannabis plants are consistently packed with flavor and aroma, while promoting the strain to grow to its optimal functions.

High Brix cannabis Vermont uses the highly sustainable living soil method, which involves adjusting the soil used to grow over time and adding needed minerals and reducing minerals that might be too prevalent.

High Brix Reviews

High Brix flower receives strong reviews for its rich flavor, potency and its pureness, offering a powerful effect for those who enjoy flower grown in carefully controlled environments. The potency of cannabis is another factor that often receives rave reviews. Some reviewers also note that the High Brix flower stores better than many other cannabis flower varieties, due likely to the unique environment and process through which it is grown.

Many reviewers also are supportive of the growing style High Brix uses, which is often celebrated and claimed by other growers but few actually follow the precise growing method.

Where to Buy High Brix Cannabis in VT

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High Brix products are sold in dispensaries in Vermont, including Cambridge Cannabis Company.

Buy High Brix Cannabis Products at Cambridge Cannabis Company

Cambridge Cannabis Company prides itself on its large selection of more than 100 strains of smokable flower, including High Brix flower. The dispensary offers the biggest selection of cannabis buds in Vermont. It also promotes itself among the protectors of the area’s legacy of free will, choice and safe passage.

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