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Green Castle Reserve

Green Castle Cannabis is a Vermont-based cultivation company that specializes in premium flower. The grow facility is located on the family-owned company’s land that once served as a greenhouse for plants and flowers that operated for generations before closing in 2011. The company now boasts a state of the art indoor grow facility for cannabis. The company focuses on serving as a provider of quality cannabis products to Vermont dispensaries.

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Green Castle Reserve:

Product Line

The Green Castle product line includes the following premium cannabis strains:

  • Crescendo: Sativa leaning hybrid that produces sweet, earthy and citrus aromas with gassy, kushy and sweet cookie dough flavors.
  • Day Dream: Potent hybrid blend of Chernobyl and OG Kush strains with flavors of lime and sherbet with hints of funk and diesel.
  • Frosted Raspberry: Raspberries covered in frost, with flavors and aroma of raspberry and melon.
  • Grampas Stash: Stinky strain with a sweet skunky aroma that blends well with rich flavors of incense and pine.
  • Planet of the Grapes: Indica leaning hybrid that produces an intense mellow, sedated high due to its high THC.
  • Sour Diesel: Sativa leaning hybrid with a pungent diesel aroma and citrus tang that is a long-time favorite of those seeking a potent motivating, uplifting high
  • Purple Pine Berry: Indica leaning hybrid with an aroma of skunk, pine, lemon, and diesel.

Green Castle FAQs

What is different about Green Castle cannabis products?

The Green Castle Vermont grow facility is 100% green and uses safe sterilization procedures. The company collaborates with Cannacribs Consulting and Growerhouse to ensure use of the best products and methodologies. The company also uses only premium Ventana nutrients and a 100% organic pest control protocol.

Where to Buy Green Castle Reserve in VT

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Green Castle products are sold exclusively at Cambridge Cannabis Company’s dispensary. Cambridge Cannabis offers the highest quality selections of cannabis products like Green Castle to customers shopping for flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, beverages, topicals, tinctures and CBD products. Cambridge Cannabis serves customers throughout the entire region, including eastern New York and northern New Hampshire.

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