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Fog Lifter Gummies

Fog Lifter Gummies are cannabis edibles sold to dispensaries in Vermont and beyond.

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Fog Lifter Gummies:


Who makes Fog Lifter Gummies?

Fog Lifter Gummies are made by Cambridge Cannabis Company, which is based in Vermont. The company, which also operates a dispensary, sells its edibles and beverages among the dispensary’s other cannabis products.

How are Fog Lifter Gummies different?

Fog Lifter Gummies are uniquely and exclusively formulated by Cambridge Cannabis Company to provide an uplifting, energetic effect upon consumption. Cambridge Cannabis Company uses special terpenes when making Fog Lifter Gummies that help provide that sharp focus you might need during the day for creative and productive endeavors.

Are Fog Lifter Gummies vegan?

Fog Lifter Gummies are an all-natural, vegan edible, made with natural ingredients and no animal products.

How potent are Fog Lifter Gummies?

Each Fog Lifter gummy contains 5 mg of THC.

Fog Lifter Gummies Reviews

Fog Lifter Gummies received high marks for their potency and flavor as an edible. Cambridge Cannabis Company also publishes its lab results for its products, receiving high marks for its transparency and its commitment to natural, environmentally sound growing and harvesting practices.

Where to Buy Fog Lifter Gummies in VT

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Fog Lifter Gummies are sold in Vermont dispensaries, including those run by Cambridge Cannabis Company, which sells them in-house.

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Cambridge Cannabis Company is a cannabis company that operates retail outlets, in addition to making cannabis products. The company focuses on blending its rich roots in the town of Cambridge, cannabis knowledge and the bounty of Vermont craft cannabis to create a customer experience beyond expectations. Cambridge Cannabis fosters a culture built on principles of education, trust, family, community, continuous improvement and service that is always customer-centric.

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