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Bushy Beard Cultivation

Bushy Beard Cultivation is a Vermont-based cannabis company committed to delivering top quality cannabis flower, concentrate, edibles, and topicals to the state’s emerging market. The company strives to produce the strongest, cleanest, healthiest and most flavorful cannabis on the market. Through education and transparency of its products, procedures and practices, the company works to eliminate negative stigmas towards cannabis. Bushy Beard cannabis has years of cultivation experience in their team, resulting in world-class organic farming strategies and state-of-the-art environmental control. The company makes all of its craft cannabis products from the Northeast Kingdom in Newport, Vermont.

bushy beard cultivation

Bushy Beard Cultivation:

Product Line

The Bushy Beard Cultivation cannabis line features fresh flower with varying TAC (total active cannabinoid), including:

  • Apple Fritter: This flower is a true hybrid weed strain known for its powerful and relaxing high. The Apple Fritter marijuana strain is a reported cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies.
  • Face Off OG: Also known as “Face Off,” “OG Face Off,” and “Face Off OG Kush,” this flower is a potent indica marijuana strain. This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid shares its name with the 1997 movie in which Nicolas Cage and John Travolta literally swap faces, called this because its potency is compared to losing your face.
  • 9lb Hammer: This flower is an indica dominant strain with reported effects of relaxation, sleepiness and happiness.
  • Dos-Mints: This flower is sativa dominant with reported flavors of creamy, slightly sour and mildly grassy, producing an upbeat, happy, energetic feeling.

Bushy Beard Cultivation FAQs

What is different about Bushy Beard Cultivation products?

Bushy Beard Cultivation grows with a healthy reliance on decades of experience, organic farming strategies and state of the art environmental control. Since 1996, chief cultivator Darrick Granai’s green thumb has worked to perfect the art of propagating only the finest cannabis. Granai has planned for the day that cannabis would become legal in his beloved home state of Vermont so that he could fill the shelves of dispensaries with premium flower and rosin.

Bushy Beard Cultivation Reviews

Bushy Beard Cultivation received high marks for its potency and flavor from users offering reviews. The company also publishes its lab results for its strains on its website, receiving high marks for its commitment to natural, environmentally sound growing and harvesting practices. Although densely packed with rosin, its buds do not produce a sticky paste often associated with such characteristics from the plant.

Where to Buy Bushy Beard Cultivation in VT

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Bushy Beard Cultivation weed products are sold in Vermont dispensaries, including Cambridge Cannabis Company.

Buy Bushy Beard Cultivation Cannabis Products at Cambridge Cannabis Company

Cambridge Cannabis Company is a recreational cannabis retailer focusing on blending its rich roots in the town of Cambridge, cannabis knowledge and the bounty of Vermont craft cannabis to create a customer experience beyond expectations. Cambridge Cannabis fosters a culture built on principles of education, trust, family, community, continuous improvement and service that is always customer-centric.

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